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AI Supply Chain


Supply chain managers and planners use Accéder to be at least 2X more efficient in planning and optimizing inventories, production, and materials procurement.


Transform how you manage inventory and streamline your supplier purchase process, freeing up countless hours previously spent on manual calculations.


Accéder's state-of-the-art AI forecasting model harnesses internal and external data unique to your business, delivering precise demand forecasts across various tiers of your product lineup.


Furthermore, the platform skillfully uses these forecasts to automate the calculation of the various materials you need to procure from your suppliers. It offers the flexibility to fine-tune orders for each supplier, considering variables like lead times and service levels.


Embrace the benefits of having cost-efficient safety stocks, minimizing the risk of stockouts, and creating more precise purchase orders. This strategic approach not only cuts costs by 5% or more but also maximizes the efficiency of your resources, enhancing overall business performance.


Reduce supply chain costs and increase profitability.

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AI Forecasting Module

Our AI deploys a suite of sophisticated demand forecasting models employing advanced statistical and machine learning algorithms to ensure optimal outcomes. These models challenge each other's predictions to enhance accuracy and reliability. This innovative approach transforms what traditionally would be a weeks-long manual process into a rapid, robust forecasting solution, delivering precise results in mere minutes.

Collaborative Module

Collaborating with peers and market agents in forecasting allows for dynamic adjustments fine-tuning predictions to reflect current conditions, changes, and potential events not evident in historical data. This collaborative approach ensures that our forecasts are grounded in past trends and responsive to real-time market dynamics and unforeseen developments, leading to more accurate and relevant predictions.

Inventory Optimization and Production Planning Modules

Once a confident forecast is established, the system autonomously calculates and suggests the ideal inventory levels required for a specified period. This ensures the maintenance of desired service standards for your customers. The production team will receive this information automatically, guiding them on the necessary products to be manufactured to meet these demands.

Procurement Planning Module

The system intelligently determines the required materials for product production at specified times. It identifies suppliers and their respective lead times to ascertain the quantities ordered. Additionally, you can modify the allocation percentage of orders per supplier, allowing for adjustments in response to unforeseen changes or factors not initially accounted for by the model.


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