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We are a team of skilled technology experts dedicated to leveraging Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is to devise impactful solutions that benefit our clients and bring significant advantages to their workforce. By focusing on innovation and practical applications, we strive to address complex problems with simple and effective solutions and products.


Our mission at Accéder is to transform data into actionable insights with predictive and prescriptive capabilities, empowering strategic decision-making and driving optimal outcomes for your business.


The pandemic has significantly complicated supply chain management. With unforeseen global events disrupting demand forecasting and resource allocation, decision-makers face unprecedented challenges in navigating these complexities.


Many companies combine the use of ERP systems with basic tools like Excel or traditional forecasting for planning. However, these methods fall short in today's fast-paced market, leading to inefficiency and delayed responses.


At Accéder, we've developed an innovative solution powered by Artificial Intelligence to overcome these challenges. Our approach enhances planning efficiency and precision, enabling businesses to make confident decisions quickly and positively impact their bottom line in a dynamic market environment.


We are convinced that integrating the transformative capabilities of AI with precise data and expert human insight can position you as a formidable player in the market.


Accelerate Decision-Making with Enhanced Confidence

Explore how our solutions amplify your team's capabilities by integrating their expertise with the advanced power of Artificial Intelligence, providing a significant competitive advantage.

Oscar Gonzalez Iñiguez
Founder & CEO

OGI leads Accéder's team and business operations, leveraging his rich 20-year background in technology sales. Since his early twenties, he has been an entrepreneur, engaging in various ventures, including manufacturing. His pioneering work in data analytics and AI since 2010 further distinguishes his dynamic leadership at Accéder.

Yulen Gallastegui
Technology Director

Yulen guides Accéder's technology team, drawing upon over 15 years of experience in software engineering and computer science. As a seasoned expert in the digital and telecom sectors, he has a proven track record of developing large-scale and complex platforms. His expertise extends to crafting AI-powered products, a venture he has passionately pursued since 2018 at Accéder.

Ricardo Praelli
AI Research Director

Ricardo heads the AI solutions and products research at Accéder, bringing over a decade of data science and engineering expertise. His distinguished career includes roles at leading manufacturing firms like ABB and Belcorp, complemented by a robust academic foundation from prestigious institutions like Cambridge and MIT.

Sandra Villalba
Commercial Director

Sandra steers the sales team at Accéder, backed by her extensive 15-year tenure in technology solutions sales. Her impressive career includes roles at global tech giants such as Microsoft and Semantix. At Accéder, she has effectively implemented and championed a consultative sales approach, ensuring customer needs remain at the forefront. 

Andres Elosua Letayf
Head of Business Development Mexico

Andres heads Mexico's sales and business development at Accéder, focusing particularly on the industrial, manufacturing, and consumer goods sectors. With a background in Mergers & Acquisitions, he brings a sharp understanding of data analytics to his role. At Accéder, he is committed to ensuring that customers receive the best from our team and strongly emphasizes achieving customer satisfaction.

Our Core Team

OGI Oscar Gonzalez Iñiguez Artificial Intelligence for Business Expert Montreal Mexico Latin America

“We're creating an innovative company that enhances business planning, efficiency and productivity. We want to foster better workplaces where people enjoy more personal time and a balanced life.”

Oscar Gonzalez Iñiguez “OGI”

Founder & CEO



Based in Montreal, we stand at the forefront of AI and technological innovation, powered by a multicultural team of seasoned professionals in business, data science, software engineering and supply chain. Embracing remote collaboration, we work in perfect sync, dedicated to delivering elegantly simple and cost-effective solutions and products that address complex challenges with the utmost efficiency.


Our vision is to transform supply chain efficiency by equipping you with superior planning tools and empowering you to make decisions confidently and precisely.


A problem-solving and practical culture to build long-lasting solutions quickly.


At Accéder, we bring together a team of seasoned and passionate professionals united in our goal to provide exceptional service to our clients and make a meaningful impact in the world.

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Our History

In 2013, amidst the whirlwind of Big Data excitement, Accéder emerged on the scene, introducing the first data analytics platform tailored for telecom companies across the Americas. This innovation caught the eye of industry giants, and by 2015, Accéder began developing its solutions with a notably fruitful collaboration with ATT.


The momentum continued to build, and by 2018, Accéder had again distinguished itself by launching one of the world's select machine-learning model platforms. This groundbreaking development secured Belcorp, a multinational cosmetics behemoth, as our first client, placing us in direct competition with industry stalwarts like DataRobot, Dataiku, H2O, and AWS SageMaker.


However, the pandemic reshaped the landscape of the AI market, prompting Accéder to pivot its focus towards empowering business users, moving away from a purely technical and data scientist audience. In 2021, this new direction led to the creation of innovative AI applications designed to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and precision of business operations.


2022 marked the debut of our AI demand forecasting solution, with Lamosa becoming a key collaborator in refining and advancing the platform. The following year saw significant evolution through various POCs with leading companies, culminating in a sophisticated AI model that amalgamated cutting-edge forecasting algorithms with enhanced supply chain functionalities.


By January 2024, Accéder is set to redefine supply chain management with one of the most comprehensive planning tools on the market. This tool complements ERPs' work and integrates an accurate predictive and prescriptive layer with various key legacy systems, heralding a new era of efficiency and insight in supply chain management.

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