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Decision-Making with

AI-Driven Insights

Strategic planners and decision makers use Accéder’s AI-powered platform to be 10X more efficient in planning and optimizing their business to decrease operational costs and maximize profitability.

Trusted by Leading Companies

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Modular AI Solution Tailored to Our Clients

Our tailored artificial intelligence models can help you plan and optimize your supply chain.

Generate fast demand forecasts with the power of our AI forecasting models. Collaborate seamlessly to refine these forecasts, ensuring they align with the organization strategic vision. 

Our intelligent platform offers actionable recommendations to optimize your inventory and procurement strategies, keeping your supply chain exceptionally efficient.

What can you do with

Collaborative Demand Forecasting, Supply Chain Planning, Predictive Maintenance and Pricing Optimization made easy!


Accelerate Decision-Making with Enhanced Confidence

Explore how our solutions amplify your team's capabilities by integrating their expertise with the advanced power of Artificial Intelligence, providing a significant competitive advantage.

Collaborative Demand Forecasting

Generate accurate demand forecasts in just minutes!

Accéder's AI-driven platform transforms product demand forecasting with its user-friendly, data-integrated system, providing highly accurate, SKU-level predictions using advanced algorithms. It enhances forecast precision by incorporating real-time market insights and stakeholder input, ensuring business agility and responsiveness to market shifts.

Supply Chain Planning

Reduce supply chain costs and increase profitability!

Accéder's AI-powered platform streamlines inventory management and supplier purchasing by providing accurate demand forecasts for automated inventory optimization and procurement calculations. This reduces manual efforts, leads to cost-efficient stock levels, minimizes stockouts, and enables precise purchase orders, enhancing overall business efficiency and performance.

The Planning Link Between Your ERP and Your Legacy Systems

Our AI-powered platform extracts critical data from your ERP or database, enabling the generation of actionable predictive and prescriptive insights. These insights are tailored to your unique business needs and can be adjusted by your team. Once refined, they are automatically integrated into your systems, enhancing decision-making and driving strategic business outcomes.

Harness your entire strategic planning ecosystem with Accéder!

​​Revolutionizing Supply Chain Planning with Accéder

What Our Customers Say

We have been working for over ten years with CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, and now Supply Chain Directors to implement successfully our AI-powered solutions.

michael collemiche

“I've been collaborating with Accéder since 2013 across three distinct organizations. Throughout this period, they have consistently focused on developing and deploying their AI-powered solutions that have significantly impacted business results in every company I've been part of. Today, our collaboration is centred on leveraging their innovative supply chain planning solution to benefit our manufacturing clients.”

Michael Collemiche, CRO Algorithia and CDO Latam Co-Founder.
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